Just RoseRidged Energy of Africa


After a year of mourning the devastating loss of Roseridge Re-Born Rebella (who suddenly died only 22 months old in January 2021) we slowly begun looking for a new puppy and we start to search pedigrees and kennels around the world. Eventually (as Rebella was the seventh generation and last in the bitch line starting with SECH NOCH Umtali Assegai of Matabelle), we focused on kennels with Roseridge in their pedigrees.
When we found kennel Energy of Africa in Czech Republic, we didn’t only find responsible and honest breeders, but also new friends in Jana och Jaroslav, and above all the most adorable bitch puppy. So welcome to Sweden Just RoseRidged Energy of Africa; we will love and treasure you and we will have so much fun together!