Puppies born on 6th of August by US Ch Rob Norm Shara’s G Dagga

out of SEVCh Roseridge Rusticana, CV.

Roseridge Royal Romper             extra crown

SA Ch Roseridge Royal Rowan              exported to Gondwana kennels in SA. HD A ED UA EOAD (Early Onset Adult Deafness) result CLEAR.  DM Certificate Rowan

Roseridge Royal Rock                 lives with his uncle RLD N Roseridge Rustubus. HD A ED UA. EOAD result CLEAR

GB Ch Roseridge Royal Romeo JW              exported to England. HD 2/3 (= A) ED 0/0.
See video

Roseridge Royal Romulus           exported to England

Roseridge Royalty                        stays in the kennel. HD A ED UA

Roseridge Royal Rosenna           sadly no longer with us

Roseridge Royal Rose                 lives in Stockholm. HD A ED UA

Roseridge Royal Rosy                 lives at Afrosong’s kennel. HD A ED UA

Roseridge Royal Rosalia             lives in Solna. The family’s third ridgeback from Roseridge

Three weeks pictures here

Four weeks pictures here

Five weeks pictures here

Seven weeks pictures here


US Ch Rob Norm Shara’s G Dagga US Ch Tilltimber Ajax US Ch Rex Kimberley of Trada
US Ch Blue Chips Arden Of Mohhridge
US Ch Rob Norm’s Elsa US Ch The Guardsman of Kimbida
US Ch Rob/Norms Cee Gidget
SE VCH Roseridge Rusticana SE UCH Tolasana’s Sitanka Chipangali’s Jinda
Roseridge Regalia
Roseridge Reflexion Kiromol Kambui
NO UCH SE UCH Roseridge R R