Born 4th of June 1998, 8 males and one female

The bitch had unfortunately a sinus at the tail.
One dog was still born and one dog had to be put down due to megaesophagus

S39914/96 Roseridge Rascal hd 1
S39915/96 Roseridge Reliable hd ua
S39916/96 Roseridge Rembrandt
S39917/96 Roseridge Required
S39918/96 Roseridge Richie hd ua
S39919/96 Roseridge Rustic

Sire: S Ch Nyamanjis Caro till Afrikanas
Dam: Roseridge Honeysuckle Rose

Nyamanjis Caro Till Afrikanas ES FI INT PT CH SE UCH Mohaget’s Mahogny Roseridge The Duke
NO UCH SE UCH Djungelkattens Big Box Babette
NO UCH NO V-91 Wicksy Wagpower INT UCH NORD UCH NORD V-87 SE V-89 Mankoya-Trigo
NO UCH Mwindaji WA Simbwa’s Belinda
Roseridge Honeysuckle Rose US CH Copyline Broadway Danny Rose US CH Rob Norm Shara’s G Dagga
US CH Copylines Myra Breckenridge
NO UCH SE UCH Umtali Assegai Of Matabelle GB CH Matabelle Marksman
Umtali Diamond Lil